A Clingon Adventure

My roommates and I have this little habit of giving people nicknames based on things that we know about them or on how they look. Names like The Rock, Foxface, Horse butt, Caveman and Captain Awkward are just a few. My third date ( i don’t remember if it was actually my third date overall or not but its the next one that sticks out in my memory) wasnt actually all that bad. Although it had its moments. The name he earned was Mr. Clingon

I had been invited to attend a semi private performance that a friend of mine was giving. He happened to be a fantastic singer, had done a bunch of stuff on broadway and a couple of movies, had a few CD’s out etc. He was giving a concert that was invitation only for a number of fairly well-known people in the area and he invited me to attend. Not wanting to go alone I decided that this would be the perfect time to try asking someone out.

I had noticed a guy in one of my classes that I thought was really cute, we will call him Jake. I had managed to get up the courage to talk to him a couple of times and I knew that he was really into music and even played the piano quite well. One day after class I started talking to him, and very casually ( i hoped) asked if he would be interested in going to a concert with me. I didn’t give him the details of how it was that I happened to be invited or even who it was that was performing. Just asked if he wanted to go to a concert with me. He agreed and we made arrangements to meet up on campus.

I arrived a little early extremely nervous but also looking forward to getting to spend some time with Jake. I had a feeling that this date would be better than the others that I had been on so far. I was sitting on a bench when Jake walked up. He looked great, and had a big smile on his face. And then he got close enough for me to get a closer look and….he had a booger hanging from his nose. You know the dry flaky kind that flutter in the breeze of each breathe but somehow manage not to detach from the tip of your nose? Yeah it was one of those.

I didn’t know what to do. Should I tell him? I couldn’t look at him without focusing on the thing dangling precariously from the tip of his nose. we started to walk and as we talked I looked him square in the face and rubbed my nose hoping that it would trigger a response in him to do the same, or maybe he would ask or something. But he seemed oblivious. I decided to try to forget about it and focus on our conversation but I couldn’t. I kept worrying about where the thing was going to go. I had visions of him talking and it coming loose and fluttering down to his mouth or worse yet what if he knocked it off and it floated gently through the air to land…heaven forbid…on me!

The concert started and the music was beautiful. Jake couldn’t believe that I had gotten us into this concert he raved about my friend ( who I had failed to mention was a friend) He had heard his music before and was quite a fan. He also started pointing out to me various other people in the room that he was familiar with. The first person he pointed to and whispered, “see that guy over there? His name is Mr. A” (again obviously not his real name) he then proceeded to tell me about this man and his accomplishments. I didn’t know what to say. The man happened to be practically like a father to me. I spent as much time at his home as I did at my parents and was great friends with some of his children. But Jake seemed to be enjoying telling me about him and I didn’t want to ruin his story so I let him continue.

“Oh and see Mr. B over there?” Again I knew the man well. I was best friends with his daughter. This scene played out several more times as he pointed  Mr. C , Mrs. D etc. and I didn’t know how to artfully let him know that I knew all of these people really well. Besides I enjoyed hearing him sing their praises.

At some point in the evening ( i don’t know when exactly because I was doing my best to avoid looking at him and seeing his little friend hanging from his nose) he must have brushed it loose. I was relieved but concerned about where it had gone. After the concert ended We stood to leave and Mr. A came over to say hello. He gave me a hug and I introduced him to Jake. ” Young man” he said, You do know you are on a date with my daughter right?”

I blushed at having not explained earlier about our relationship. Jake looked like he had got his hand caught in the cookie jar. “Not literally I clarified but practically.” After a few more fatherly comments the man left only to leave others in his wake. One by one each of the people who Jake had pointed out to me came and with a firm pat on the shoulder and questions about whether he was treating me right they said their hello. The last was my friend, the musician. He came and gave me a hug and asked if he could get a picture taken with me. I agreed and went to pose with him for some pictures. I could see Jake with his mouth hanging open just a little in surprise. I hadn’t meant to handle it this way buy I had to admit it was kind of fun.

Afterwards Jake and I hung around and played the piano together and just talked. In spite of the cling-on booger I had a really great time and hoped I would see Jake again.

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