Love at Lake Bonnevile

My most romantic date yet happened a little over a year ago at Christmas time. I wasnt expecting much because my boyfriend at the time wasnt the romantic type. He was your typical guy, really in to sports, politics, action movies etc. I am quite certain that the idea of planning something ahead of time was one that was new and strange to him.

During the first week of December I had gone on a cruise. Ryan (my boyfriend) and I had talked on the phone until the very last-minute that the ship sailed and I could no longer use my phone without racking up ridiculous charges. He loved cruises and kept telling me all the things that I needed to make sure that I did. The main thing he really wanted me to do was to go snorkeling. I had never been before, had only recently learned how to swim, and have always been a little phobic about water on my face. Since none of my family were willing to try it I knew I would have to do it on my own if I did. So I told Ryan that I wasnt going to try it on my own.

He begged me to just try it and told me over and over how much I would love it. I told him that maybe one day he and I could go snorkeling and he could show me how. I figured maybe one day if we got married and went on a cruise together or something than we could try it then. I never dreamed that he would find a way to take me snorkeling on Christmas Eve in Utah.

Several days before Christmas Ryan and I were cuddling and watching a movie.

“Are you working on Christmas Eve?” he asked

“No why”

“Can I take you on a date then?” I thought it was really cute that he was asking days in advance and in this way. It was very much not like him.

“Ok. sure” I said.

“I am going to need you all day” I was starting to get curious what he had up his sleeve.

“What are we going to do?”

“I can’t tell, you will just have to wait and see.” (just a hint here for the guys, girls love to be surprised. Ryan won major bonus points by keeping this a secret and even more by the flirtatious way he kept me guessing in the mean time.)

I let it go and was super excited to see what he had in mind. The day before our planned date he texted me. “Can you be ready to go at 7am” he asked. Of course I agreed and than I begged him for clues. “Well I can tell you that you wont be wearing much!” he told me. “Oh and bring some lettuce with you. We will need lots of lettuce.” Needless to say he had my full attention and I was more lost then ever.

He arrived early to pick me up and we started to drive North toward Salt Lake. When we turned on to I 80 headed west the only thing I could possibly think of was that we were going to Wendover. Ryan assured me that we were not. I didn’t have the first clue until we pulled into a little place called Sea Base.

Turns out there is a remnant of Lake Bonneville out near Grantsville Utah. This unique place has small but very deep ponds filled with all kinds of fish. Including Sting Rays and Sharks. You can go snorkeling or scuba diving and since they are covered you can even go in the winter.

Ryan and I changed into Swimsuits and spent the rest of the day feeding fish and keeping an eye out for the 10 foot shark. Later we showered off and then shivering just a little we climbed into the car and went to find something to eat. I couldn’t have been more impressed that Ryan had remembered our conversation about snorkeling and then done something about it. He had kept it a surprise and really built up the suspense and anticipation in the days leading up to it.

I will never forget sitting in that water, and looking at the man across from me, his hair dripping wet, goggles firmly attached to his face leaving him looking ever so slightly like a giant beetle, and thinking that he was about the sexiest man I had ever seen. I felt cherished in that moment and even though I had shied away from using the infamous L word with him up to this point I was sure thinking it.

Tell me about your most romantic date ever and you may win a date to Sea Base and dinner at a nearby restaurant. Email me your story @ The person with the most comments or likes on their post at midnight on February 29th is the winner. See more details on the post Valentine’s day

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