Valentine’s Day

I remember the first Valentine I ever got. It was in second grade and I had never even heard of Valentine’s day before. I went to class one day and there were all these little envelops on my desk with little cards and hearts and stuff. I remember being really embarrassed that I didnt know what was going on and everyone thought I was crazy. I also wished that I had known in advance so that I could have returned the favor. My family never did holidays though and Valentine’s day certainly wasnt high on the list of things for them to inform me about.

In more recent years Valentine’s day became something to laugh about. Single awareness day… and then once I had a boyfriend and we celebrated our first Valentines Day together I thought it was kind of sweet. The other day my roommate told me the story that is speculated as being the beginning of Valentine’s day. I was touched by the beautiful story. Appearantly a roman emperor in an effort to keep the men forcused on being soldiers and fighting decided to ban all marriage. A priest by the name of Valentine secretly performed marriages in spite of the ban. He was got and sentenced to death. While in prison notes were passed from person to person requesting prayers on his behalf. The slogan of these notes was remember your Valentine.

In honor of Valentine’s day during the month of February I am looking for stories. This time I want romantic ones. So I am doing a contest. Send me your stories, your most romantic date, your love story, maybe the love story of someone you know a family member who’s story is particularly touching etc. Send me an email with your story and encourage your friends to like your post. At the end of the month the person with the most likes and comments will win a fantastic date. So get your typing fingers warmed up and get prepared to share your stories.

Note: Seabase has graciously provided a gift certificate to the winner of this competition and will provide a days adventure, complete with snorkeling, feeding the fish, and some education about their facility. All you have to do is bring yourself, a date, and your snorkeling equipment. (If you don’t have any, Seabase will rent to you for a reasonable price.) Dinner for two will also be provided at a nearby restuarant. More details to follow on that.

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