Bahama cruising! Day 1

I love to travel, however I have noticed that just before L leave to go somewhere I often feel like I don’t want to go. Thats exactly what happened to me on Thursday night. I was getting ready to head out on my trip  to the Bahamas and I kept feeling like I just didnt really want to go. My roommates finally had to shove me out the door and make me any linespromise to enjoy the trip.

I spent the night at my parents house in Salt lake since I had a very early flight. I hate spending money on food in the airports so I whipped up a couple of snacks and a tunafish sandwich and went to bed. The next morning I arrived at the airport with one hour before my plane left. It was perfect, I didn’t hardly have to wait in any lines, and was able to walk right on the plane. Thats how I like it. I hate waiting in those pesky lines.

I had a layover in Denver and while I sat there eating my sandwich I saw a little bird hoping around between the chairs eating little crumbs that passengers had dropped for it. That poor little bird lost in side an airport was really cute to watch.

I always think its interesting to see what kind of people are going to sit next to me on the plane. This time however it was pretty dull. The first flight was an old man and his wife. They didn’t seem very talkative so I didn’t try to start-up a conversation. The second leg of the trip I was seated next to a younger guy and his girl friend, who when they were sleeping where cuddling as much as those chairs would let them. Needless to say there was no talking happening there either, so I settled for my book and my snacks to keep me company.

Maybe I am strange but I have yet to go on a flight were I dont wonder as we are taking off what I would think and how I would feel about this experience if I were a pioneer who had time traveled to the future.

Once I landed in Orlando i took a shuttle to the Marriott World Center resort.  I met my mom just in time to have dinner at a little buffet where they had the cutest little desserts. I think I had five of them. While we were having dinner I started getting some rather strangest text messages from my sister. Where she gets her sense of humor I will never no. They went like this

” Landed yet? Got your bags yet? Flirted with any hot guys yet? Got a taxi yet? Bought me some pizza yet?

When I didnt answer she continues. Is your flight late? Is your period late? Is your date late? Is your mom late? Did she make your dad wait?

What do you even do with a sister like that?

We went swimming that night in the amazing swimming pool there at the hotel.  It was so much fun.

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