Cypress Gardens (Bahamas Trip Part 2)

I spent all day the second day in meetings and then that night we had a formal dinner. It was all very nice and I met some interesting people.  During the course of the day someone commented on the diverse group of people that we had there. I laughed a little to myself as I know that person actually had no idea that there were actually quite a few polygamists in the room in addition to the four Amish that he mentioned. I find it interesting that the Amish are welcomed with open arms and a fair amount of curiosity while the polygamists are looked on rather negatively. But that would be another post. This one is supposed to be about my trip.

The fun started when we rented a car and drove to Cyprus Gardens and Lego Land. It was a lot of fun Here are some pictures…

They even had a Lego version of the statue of liberty, complete with the little ferry-boat!

And New york City! Can you see the Empire State Building?

And across the way is Washington DC. Everything was so detailed it was incredible to see the little Lego street vendors in Central Park Even coins in the little fake fountains, and Lego police cars with sirens. It was incredible. We saw Vegas, Paris, New York, DC, and so many other interesting things all built from legos

Cyprus Gardens was something that my Mom has wanted to see for a long time and I really enjoyed the beautiful trees and gardens. Especially the gazebo. I did a puzzle once that was a picture of this very spot.

We found this old mansion, it said it was private property but the door was open and we didnt see anyone around so we decided to do some quick investigating.

we found this beautiful old staircase. It felt like sacrilege to be standing there in shorts instead of an elegant dress. If I thought the lack of a beautiful dress was bad, the ugly little Lego guy positioned directly under the chandelier was even worse.

so we moved it (after Esther prayed to it) so that we could take a picture. Then after a fair amount of giggling and sneaking upstairs to take a look at the various bedrooms up there we slipped out the front door.I wouldnt mind living in a place like this!

I looked at this next picture as I was about to post it and I remembered being a little girl and wishing so hard for my mom to have another girl so that I wouldnt be the only one. It made this picture of the four of us really special.

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