When a symbol is not a symbol

We live in a world full of symbols. Even without the word displayed on it we all knowt what the red octagon means.

We know what the stick figure wearing a dress means

and we know know what this sign and many others mean.

We know the difference between waving and beckoning which is a fairly subtle difference.

We know what this sign means.

So I am a little frustrated when something that i thought was supposed to mean something in some cases doesn’t.

You see in the culture I grew up in, men don’t wear wedding rings. But then they don’t really need to. As a symbol that you are married… well the ring doesn’t symbolize much in a polygamist community. At least for men, who for all intents and purposes are perpetually single.

Or at least available.

I never once even thought to perform a ring check. Until I joined the LDS church and started having to date…only single men.

For those few of you who may not know what I am referring to when I say that, You know, when you are talking to a guy and you start to think “Hey he’s kind of cute” so you try to very subtly get a look at that ring finger to see if he is single or not.

Your hard work pays off when you see that he isn’t wearing a wedding ring so you smile and proceed to do a little flirting.

Its usually just after you have opened up and made yourself a little vulnerable that he up and mentions….

that he was at the Gynocologists affice the other day with HIS WIFE when…..

and you zone out feeling entirely stupid and wishing there was some designated spot for idiots like yourself to go beat your head on the wall.

In my opinon he is the one who should feel dumb. After all he was the one who decided to not use the symbol that most of America uses to indicate that they are in fact already taken. I mean seriously if wearing one means you are taken its only natural to assume that not wearing one means you are available.

What would happen if I decided that since I wear pants I can go in the door with the little stick figure of the person in pants.

Boy I bet all those guys would feel stupid when I walked in that door…

And that police officer, he didnt like it too much when I decided that in my world a yellow light means go faster so you can make it through before the light turns red. Yeah, he didn’t even crack a smile.

Neither did the guy that was trying to pass me the other day when I suddenly changed lanes. I tryed to explain that I dont really like using my blinker… you know it makes that annoying little clicking sound… yeah he didn’t like that much either and I was left once again feeling like an idiot.

So why is it that when some guy decides to ignore a symbol that to the rest of the world means he’s taken, it’s the girl who finds herself flirting with him who ends up feeling stupid? I would love to know your opinions on this.

3 thoughts on “When a symbol is not a symbol

  1. Polishpedia says:

    I think guys like being flirted with even though they are married. Ego booster!

  2. Tiwsman says:

    I was just thinking that guys often have to do physical work that makes rings very uncomfortable at best and a path to dismemberment at worst. That was how I fell out of the habit of wearing a wedding ring.

    When a woman starts flirting with me, I do feel bad. Very bad. If I’m in a conversation with a woman that goes beyond mundane business, I try to mention my wife very early. If I catch a woman doing a ring check, I mention my wife immediately. But sometimes I don’t catch it in time and end up feeling stupid.

    I think the reason the girl feels stupid in these situations is that everyone feels stupid anytime anything goes wrong. We all just tend to overblame ourselves for simple mistakes. A lot of times, the guy is feeling just as stupid as the girl.

    I love, though, what you’ve pointed out about bathroom signs. Now I really have to start wearing a kilt!

  3. diddadowrite says:

    Thankyou for that. It’s nice to hear about that from a man’s perspective. I know there are professions that make wearing a ring difficult. That’s one of the reason’s many of my brothers won’t wear rings.

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