The Tale of the Midnight Bacon Station

I was home for thanksgiving today and while I was there I was going through a bunch of my moms pictures. I have been scanning all her pictures so that we would have an electronic version. I came across these pictures and I had a funny memory come to mind.

When I was about 4 or 5 years old there was a song that my mom thought it was really funny to get me and my brother to sing. It was two characters, Mr. Did and Mr. Didn’t. My brother Al was always Mr. Did and I was always Mr. Didn’t. It always made me so mad and I didn’t want to sing. These pictures that I found pretty perfectly showed our personalities and looking back with a slightly different perspective I imagine that it was pretty funny that we both fit our parts so perfectly. I had no idea we were acting…I was just being myself. I guess that’s what made it so funny.

The song went like this

I’m Did!

I’m Didn’t

I did obey!

I didn’t

I’m hap hap happy all the while!

I’m not

I washed my hands and combed my hair when mother told me to!

I ran and hid and said that’s something I won’t do!

I’m did

I’m didn’t

I did obey

I didn’t

and everybody loves me cause I DID OBEY!


And finally my story for the day.                                                

           The Tale of the Midnight Bacon Station

Back in the day my family had a strict policy about food. You were only allowed to eat what was put on the table. You weren’t to get into the food otherwise. They were pretty strict about that.

One night my brother was in bed when he decided that in spite of  the fact that it was midnight, he wanted something to eat. But not just anything, he wanted bacon. So in the middle of the night Marc got up to cook up some bacon.

Now one thing that you need to know about my mom is that I am quite certain she could smell the sun rise. Somehow Marc didn’t take that into consideration and so he was surprised by the sound of her footsteps coming down the stairs just as his bacon was almost finished.

He left it lying in the pan and ran back to bed. Mother came into the kitchen to find a pan of bacon cooking on the stove and no one to be seen. She turned the flame off and went looking for the culprit. Meanwhile, my brother Hyrum also smelled the bacon and had come to investigate. He too so the pan sitting on the stove with perfectly crisp bacon and no one around. So he gathered up the bacon in a paper towel and went back to bed to enjoy his midnight treat.

After that, we always joked that Marc ran the midnight bacon station, and that Hyrum was his favorite customer.

Moral of the story: Take your bacon with you when you run.

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