…and life goes on

When I first arrived here I wrote almost every day. I didn’t have as much going on and I had a bit more time. Now there is so much going on, I’m doing so many things and meeting so many people, I have so much I want to be writing about and when I do get a minute to sit down I feel overwhelmed by all there is to say and all that I want to share about my experience here that I put off writing.

So today I’m sorry if I seem a bit scattered.

I got to see the Uganda Cranes take Liberia in a world cup qualifying game. It was really loud.DSC00433

I got to see the Source of the Nile. It was beautiful. I actually did a blog post about that one. You can read it here.

I’ve met some really great people and its starting to feel like home.

We had another baptism at church. I gave a short talk about baptism. It’s amazing to me to see so many people taking that step. It’s awesome to know how much their lives are going to change and what an adventure they are in for.


We took a boat out to where the underwater spring separates the Nile River from Lake Victoria.

I am really starting to have fun with the kids. There is a little girl who lives just down the road from me, who always remembers my name and instead of shouting Mazungu like all the other kids she says, Hi Didda! It makes my day. Yesterday I noticed she had a huge ugly open wound on her arm. It looked terrible, and had something white growing/living on it. She didn’t act like it even hurt even though it was pretty deep and oozing. I found her mother and asked if I could take her to the clinic. She agreed and I took her in and got it cleaned up. She will need to go back every day for the rest of the week to get the dressing changed. I was walking later that evening and she saw me and ran to me and held my hand all the way up the road, about 10 other kids followed her example and I found myself having a hard time walking without tripping over them. But I loved every minute of it.

Our manager Tina's son Alfred getting a little ride on my shoulders.

Our manager Tina’s son Alfred getting a little ride on my shoulders.

The other day while waiting for one of the Musana women to get home I sat in front of her house playing with a group of about 15 children. I taught them some songs, and we played the farmer in the dell, london bridge, and the hockey pockey. Then I took a picture of one little girl and made the mistake of showing it to her. Then every child wanted a picture taken, and over and over they wanted to pose for me pulling funny faces, doing little dances and anything they could to get my attention. It was great! Today Susan (one of the Musana women) told me that the next baby girl born into her family is going to be named after me. I can’t think of a better complement.    DSC00463 DSC00469

2 thoughts on “…and life goes on

  1. Ruth Naylor says:

    Cute! I Love that you are having such an awesome experience Vilate. Life defining I imagine.

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