Top Ten Things You’ve Missed

I was a little ashamed of myself when I realized that I have been having this incredible experience here and I haven’t even written on my blog since June 20th. So since it would be beyond difficult to catch you up in one post, I will just do a top 10.

10. Melissa and two new interns arrived.

9. We are still fighting to get Benji his surgery.

8. I finally adjusted to the insane heat here.

7. I took a trip to Rwanda

6. I got my wallet stolen while I was there, lived on peanut butter sandwiches for three days, and almost wasn’t allowed back across the border.

5. I’ve continued to meet amazing people, and have amazing experiences

4. I finished my internship.

3. I moved to JInja

2. I cancelled my plane ticket home.

1. And last but not least…I’m getting married!


And yes I know I shouldn’t leave you all hanging. But it is past midnight, I have to be up at 4 AM and I am tired so, I promise a much better version of at least a few of those points in the upcoming weeks. Image