Boy or Girl…the verdict is in!


Page_2I went on monday and had an ultra sound to find out the sex of our baby. It was so exciting! I have waited so long for this day that I can still hardly believe its real. The baby, (I’ve got to stop calling him that, he has an identity now!) is a lot more active and I can feel definite kicks. Even several of my sisters have felt him kicking. There is nothing like the joy of knowing that I am going to be a mom. As soon as I saw the little heart beating tears just filled my eyes to know that it was all very real and this little person that I have been feeling has a heart, beating steadily along proving that he is alive and well.

When I had the ultra sound I asked the technician not to tell me the sex but to write it down on a piece of paper. He did and I rushed home and got on skype with Joseph, I opened that piece of paper and held it up to the screen and Joseph just screamed and kept saying “OH MY GOODNESS” I waited for him to share with me what it was but he seemed not to be able to recover his power of speech and I was getting impatient. Mother was with me and my little sister was on speaker phone, all of us dying to know what I am carrying. I turned the paper over and there was one little word followed by an exclamation point. It said simply “boy.” I knew there were going to be a lot of shocked people. Almost everyone had said they thought it was a girl.

My mother took me to lunch and we went and bought some little baby boy pj’s and blankets to celebrate. Oh I love him so much already.



One thought on “Boy or Girl…the verdict is in!

  1. Reegan Alder says:

    We simply cannot wait to meet your precious little boy. 🙂

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