When I first started blogging I used to read more blog posts than I wrote and I would often see the cute little buttons, stating that they were recipients of various awards, the creative blogger award, the most influential blogger award, etc. That part of me that loves recognition wanted that. I wanted to know that someone reads what I wrote and cared. Oh how I wanted to be freshly pressed and to be featured with others on that page where so many would read, comment and like.

This week, it finally happened. Not the freshly pressed business but the blogger award. Coloring Outside the Lines a beautiful blog full of family, home and real and sometimes hard experiences, nominated me for the Most Influential Blogger award! So now I have the cute little button to proudly display, and I have an assignment. most-influential-blogger

1.     Display the Award on your Blog.

2. Announce your win with a post and thank the Blogger who awarded you.

3. Present 10 deserving Bloggers with the Award.

4. Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded with a comment.

5. Answer each of the 10 questions that your awarder asked, and then write 10 for your awardees (or use the same ones up to you)

So here goes,

1.) What is your favorite Season?

I love winter. My birthday is the first day of November and often sees the first snowfall of the year on that day. I always feel as those first magical flakes start sticking to the ground that it is somehow Heavenly Father’s way of telling me he loves me. I love fires and hot chocolate and sleeping in on cold mornings and reading books. I love Christmas lights and soup and fresh bread. I know there are other nasty things like wet feet and ice on your windshield, freezing wind etc. But I think ultimately the good out weighs the bad and I chose to enjoy the magic of winter time.

2.) Who is your favorite Singer?

Ok this might sound dumb since he is actually a friend of mine but I think that Dallyn Bayless has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard and I could listen to him sing for weeks on end without tiring of it. If you haven’t heard him check it out here.

3.) What is your favorite kind of music?

I have a hard time choosing a favorite kind of music. I guess if I had to choose a genre I would say classical. But I love melodic, music, be it broadway, country, pop,  jazz or religious.

4.) Who is your favorite author

Hands down Bodie Thoene. Every book she ever wrote are all on the top of my favorites lists. The Zion Chronicles and the Zion Covenant are probably top on that list but they are all worth a read.

5.) If you had enough money, what Cherity would you donate to?

I would prefer to donate to causes than an official Charity. All the time I see inspirational stories of people or families in particular circumstances that need a little help to get  through an especially difficult situation. Here are a couple I’ve seen recently that I would love to donate to if I had the funds. ( A couple struggling with infertility who can’t afford treatment) young girl who moved to Uganda and adopted more than a dozen small children who she cares for on her own.

6.) If you had enough money what room in your house would you renovate?

Well, I don’t currently even have this room in my house, but if I had enough money I would have a library. It would be full of books from floor to ceiling with one of those little ladders to reach the books on the higher shelves. It would have a huge fireplace and cushy chairs. And it would have souveniers and a flag from every country in the world that I have visited spread around the room. It would have a model ship on the fireplace mantle and it would have a globe and an atlas on a table. It would have many options for lighting. And it would be my favorite room in the house.

7.) What is your favorite television show

Right now I am really into The Walking Dead and Call the Midwife. (I know totally opposite ends of the spectrum, but I defy you to watch either and not like it) I also like Baby Daddy, Raising Hope, How I met your Mother and Downton Abbey.

8.) What is your favorite drink

Flavored Lemonade

9.) Do you own a desktop PC or laptop…or both

A Laptop

10.) What would you rather do for relaxation, read a book or watch television

Read a book

And Finally here are the bloggers that I chose with a couple of reasons why I chose them.

1. ) I love reading things from a man’s perspective occasionally and also because its really funny, interesting and TRUE. And he tells it all in such an entertaining way.

2. ) I love the idea of a bucket list as not something that you dream about but something that you DO!

3.) her writing is beautiful, her faith is real, I love the many topics she blogs about, and I relate to so much that she writes

4.) I love Sundy, because her blog design title and everything is so perfect. Because I can’t read one of her posts without crying. Because she is an amazing writer and mom.

5.) she writes in such an honest open way about things we all can relate to and yet rarely share. She is brave and strong and talented. And also because I love reading her posts and check all the time for new ones and they aren’t there nearly often enough…

6.) she has an amazing story, because she is my sister and I love her and because her writing gives me a glimpse into her head. This otherwise quiet sister expresses herself better in writing than in person. (In case you didn’t catch it that’s a hint to write more!)

7.) her blog is witty, cute, and well written, And I wish she wrote more often!

8.) I can count on a good laugh with every post. Seriously I love this blog, it has some of my all time favorite blog posts.

9.) Because I am going to be a mom also, and I look forward to having little ones around, homeschooling and many of the topics she writes about.

10.) last but not least because I love her random posts, the different topics she discusses and I think kids say the funniest things ever and I love reading about them.

So there you have it. Thanks for the award!

2 thoughts on “Awards

  1. lesleycarter says:

    Thank you for the award! I was going to share it on Twitter as an additional thank you, but I noticed your account isn’t linked. Do you use Twitter?

    • diddadowrite says:

      I do use twitter. @vilatenielsen Not sure what you are talking about linking accounts. My blog is set to automatically post to my twitter but other than that I am not to great at using twitter…yet.

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